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Content licensing for the AI age

Linkup is the infrastructure for AI systems to access the world’s content legally and compensate providers fairly

Our mission

Technology is changing how we engage with information in profound ways. On the one hand, humans are now seconds away from getting any of their questions answered by new AI-powered tools, without having to search for it. On the other hand, content that was once exclusively consumed by humans is now the feedstock for new generations of artificial intelligence.


At Linkup, our mission is to make this transformation possible by forging synergetic connections between those who create content and the cutting-edge AIs that run on it. We envision a world where AIs can access the world’s information to power era-defining products, creating wealth redistributed fairly across the value chain.

For Content Publishers

Word out, cash in.


Become a driving force of the AI era and expand your content's reach by seamlessly integrating with AI systems. Our platform ensures your content finds new life as essential input for the cutting-edge AI technologies powering the new generation of software solutions.


Unlock new revenue streams with zero upfront costs. Linkup monetizes both your archived and live content, turning your existing assets into incremental income. Our advanced algorithms ensure you achieve maximum revenue potential, making your content work harder for you.


Maintain complete control over your content exposure. Linkup provides a robust legal framework to safeguard your distribution, ensuring you are never alone in this international marketplace. With our protection, you can confidently share your content with the world while retaining the rights and benefits you deserve.

Keep it simple

Integrate with ease and efficiency. Our platform offers seamless integration in minutes, with no impact on your site's SEO or performance. Enjoy the benefits of advanced AI partnerships without the hassle of complex technical changes.

For AIs

Access the world’s content.


Give your AI access to the content it needs to do its magic. For training or retrieval, Linkup offers licenses to use data and content of all kinds, including text, images, video, audio, etc…, from all across the internet.



Experience superior data acquisition compared to scraping methods. With Linkup, you benefit from lower latency, no robot blocks, and access to cleaned up, structured data. Gain entry to content that isn't typically accessible to humans, such as archives, production co-products, and extended versions, optimizing your AI's performance and capabilities.


Keep It Legal

Operate with confidence under a robust legal framework for data usage. Linkup mitigates litigation risks, providing a secure environment for your AI's content consumption. Our international framework ensures compliance across borders, so you can focus on innovation without legal concerns.


Keep It Simple

Integrate seamlessly with minimal effort. By changing just one line of code in your scrapers, you can access Linkup's extensive content library. Simplify your data integration process and enhance your AI's functionality with ease.

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